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Why Work with Us?

We are constantly on the lookout for talent. What distinguishes Bluehills Networks from all the rest?

We want to encourage every employees to have vision, energy, creativity, and to unleash their full potential. We know what it takes to grow, develop, enhance and advance your career in life like no one else. That’s why we look for people who want to be the best at what they do.

People who enjoy doing more, getting more and being more and who aren’t afraid to look at a challenge head on, inside out, upside down or even a little sideways to get the best possible results.

At the same time having fun doing it.


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Global economics is currently expending with unimaginable speed that it would require the most advance Information Technology equipment in both software and hardware industry. Thus Bluehills Networks forsee that in near future the world would be heavily relying on the advancement of technology to support business worldwide. Thus Bluehills Networks is a platform to transform people with rich Information Technology knowledge. We forsee that only human possess the potential to drive the Information Technology market to ready the platform for the upcoming future networking industry as well as all other Information Technology industry.

In near future Bluehills Networks plans to innovate and provide a training platform to offer internship for students that is seeks interest in Information Technology and networking industry. Driven by motivation to exceed in the System Integrator industry we are the platform, the ideal start off to gain knowledge and exceed in building self confidence to succed in the IT network industry. Successful completion of an internship further develops characteristics, which are desired by companies in the real world, which would benefits the Information Technology industry the most in building a better and advance future.

Our internship will provide a platform for candidates to gain knowledge in theoritical knowledge, career development within self, engineering process onto networking field and also the management and business process.

We would expect candidates to already possess at least the general knowledge in Information Technology for Networking and Communication industry before enrolling in our internship program as the pre-requisites for our company. It is expected that candidates to have the passion to learn, self-movivated spirit and able to follow instruction and is not afraid to perform.

At the end of the day, our Intern’s assessments will be based on their day to day project work, enginnering test, hands on experience, and presentation.